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A Guide to Selling Beyond Etsy

Exploring the World of Creative Commerce


Crafters, artisans, and creative entrepreneurs, lend me your ears! In the age of digital revolution, selling your handcrafted items is no longer confined to local markets or trade fairs. While Etsy has been the go-to platform for many, there’s a big wide world of alternatives that you might be missing out on.

Whether you’re dissatisfied with Etsy’s fee structure or you’re simply exploring new avenues to expand your creative business, this guide is your golden ticket. So fasten your seat belts and let’s embark on a journey to explore some fantastic alternatives to Etsy.

The Rise of Alternative Marketplaces

Why Look Beyond Etsy?

Etsy has provided a platform for crafters to share their passion with the world, but some might find its fees a bit discouraging. What if you could find platforms with lower fees, a more fitting interface, or a user experience tailored just for your kind of business?

What Options Are Out There?

Gone are the days when a few big names dominated the online marketplace. From giants like Amazon Handmade to lesser-known platforms like iCraft, the choices are many, each offering unique opportunities.

Big Names in the Game

Amazon Handmade

Amazon’s Entrance into Handmade Goods

Amazon Handmade is a marketplace within the Amazon platform that is specifically designed for artisans to sell handmade products. It’s like the well-known Amazon, but everything is made, altered, or assembled by hand. Let’s explore whether this platform is worth the hype.

What Makes Amazon Handmade Unique?

  • Crafts Only: All products must be handcrafted.
  • A Global Reach: Offers exposure to Amazon’s vast global customer base.
  • Professional Storefront: Allows customization of your shop to showcase your brand.

Pros of Amazon Handmade

  • Massive Exposure: Potential reach to hundreds of millions of people.
  • Trust Factor: Amazon’s customer trust might translate into higher sales.
  • No Listing Fees: Unlike some platforms, there is no fee for listing your items.

Cons of Amazon Handmade

  • High Costs: The monthly fee and commission can eat into profits.
  • Stiff Competition: Many sellers and products could make standing out difficult.
  • Less Personal Touch: The large scale of Amazon might lose the “personal touch” of a smaller marketplace.

Is Amazon Handmade Worth It?

The answer largely depends on your business size, product uniqueness, and marketing strategy. The large reach and trust factors might offset the relatively high fees, especially if you have a product that can stand out.

eBay – A Game-Changer for Handmade Items?

eBay has long been known for auctions and collectibles. Now, it’s becoming a powerful platform for handmade items. Let’s explore whether eBay could be a game-changer for your handmade business.

What Makes eBay Unique for Handmade Goods?

  • Versatile Platform: Both individual and business accounts for sellers.
  • Branding Tools: Offers branding tools with business accounts.
  • Auction or Buy It Now: Unique selling options to suit various strategies.

Fees and Costs: What Are eBay’s Fees for Handmade Goods?

  • Insertion Fee: Free for the first 250 listings, then 30 cents afterward.
  • Final Value Fee: Tiered structure depending on the category and sale price.
  • Subscription Fee: Monthly plans ranging from $4.95 to $2,999.95 depending on the level.

Pros of eBay for Handmade Items

  • Global Marketplace: Access to a broad audience worldwide.
  • Flexible Selling Options: Auction-style or fixed price listings.
  • Track Record: Established platform with strong customer trust.

Cons of eBay for Handmade Items

  • Fees Can Add Up: Multiple fees might reduce profitability.
  • Less Specialized for Handmade: It’s not solely focused on handmade, which may affect the targeted audience.
  • Potential Overcrowding: The sheer volume of listings might make visibility a challenge.

Is eBay a Game-Changer for Handmade Items?

eBay offers a versatile platform for selling handmade items, with various tools and a broad reach. However, the multiple fees and potential competition should be carefully considered. For those with a solid strategy and unique products, eBay might indeed be a game-changer.

Amazon Handmade vs. eBay – Which One is Right for You?

Both platforms offer significant opportunities for artisans looking to expand their online presence and sales. Amazon Handmade offers a specialized experience, focusing solely on crafts, but at a potentially higher cost. eBay provides flexibility and a global reach, but with a fee structure that requires careful planning.

Ultimately, the choice between Amazon Handmade and eBay will depend on your specific needs, products, and business strategy. Assessing both platforms in terms of costs, potential reach, and alignment with your brand will help you make the right decision for your handmade business.

Creative Platforms for Creative Minds

Big Cartel – By Artists, for Artists

Big Cartel celebrates creativity and offers customizable themes for your store. Ranging from free to paid options, you can list items with minimal or no transaction fees.

iCraft – A Community for Crafters

iCraft stands out by allowing only handmade items, ensuring that you’re part of a community that shares your values. With no listing or transaction fees, iCraft offers various subscription options.

IndieMade – Is it a One-Stop Shop?

From marketing to building a website, IndieMade offers a wide range of tools to help artisans flourish. With multiple listing options and no listing fees, it could be an attractive alternative.

Social Media Giants Turning the Tables

Instagram for Business

With Instagram’s Shop functionality, you can transform your account into a business platform. You get to reach the mobile-savvy audience, and it’s all free, except for ads.

Niche Platforms That Deserve Attention

Misi – UK’s Handmade Haven?

This UK-based platform specializes in handmade creations, with a commission structure and small listing fees. Could it be the perfect marketplace for unique and personalized items?

Society6 – A Hub for Artists?

Are you an artist? Society6 might be the right platform for you. With control over your artwork and prices, you can even create products with your art on them. A flat fee of 10% on sales is the only cost involved.

Full-fledged E-Commerce Solutions

Shopify – More Than Just a Marketplace?

Shopify is not just a marketplace but a complete e-commerce solution. From store themes to payment processing, you control every aspect of your online business. Is it worth the investment?

Volusion – Is It Your Complete Selling Solution?

Like Shopify, Volusion offers a wide array of tools to build the perfect website. With subscription-based pricing and no transaction fees, this could be an all-in-one solution for high-volume sellers.

Lesser-Known Gems Worth a Look

Zibbet – Multi-Channel Selling Made Easy?

Zibbet lets you manage several online accounts from one tool. With no listing fees or commissions, it offers tools and support opportunities that might be worth exploring.

Crafting Your Own Path

Choosing the right platform for your craft business is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Whether you want to tap into large audiences with Amazon or eBay, get creative with platforms like Big Cartel or IndieMade, or explore social selling with Facebook or Instagram, the opportunities are endless.

Remember, the world is your oyster, and your craft deserves the spotlight it’s meant to shine in. Take charge, explore these platforms, and craft a success story that’s uniquely yours. May your creativity be the key to a thriving online business!

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Alice Frost

Alice Frost is a seasoned journalist and passionate storyteller with over ten years of experience in business and tech reporting. She specializes in covering startup culture, innovation, and entrepreneurial trends. Alice's work aims to inform, inspire, and empower budding entrepreneurs. Her keen insights and dedication to journalistic integrity make her a valued contributor to StartUp National. She holds a degree in Journalism and is currently based in Silicon Valley.

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