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At StartUp National, we’re not just about news; we’re about shaping the future with our sharp insights and timely reports on the startups that are defining tomorrow. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking inspiration, an investor looking for fresh opportunities, or a curious mind fascinated by the world of innovation, we have something for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower, enlighten, and entertain our readers with cutting-edge news and insights into the emerging startups that are shaping the global landscape. We strive to be your go-to source for all things fresh, exciting, and entrepreneurial.

Meet Our Team

Alice Frost

With a decade of experience in business and tech reporting, Alice specializes in startup culture and innovation. Her work aims to inform, inspire, and empower budding entrepreneurs. Based in Silicon Valley, Alice’s dedication to journalistic integrity makes her a valuable part of our team.

Madelyn Barrett

An accomplished reporter and former startup founder, Madelyn offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurship and business innovation. Based in New York City, she’s dedicated to bringing our readers the most relevant and impactful startup news.

Philip Andrade

Respected for his analytical approach, Philip specializes in the dynamic world of tech and startups. Based in San Francisco, his work translates complex trends into comprehensible insights, keeping him at the forefront of innovation.

Ronald Berg

Revered for his in-depth analysis, Ronald shines light on the challenges and triumphs of startup life. His expertise, based in Chicago, drives insightful news that motivates the startup community.

Selena Reeves

A dynamic journalist from Spain, Selena uncovers compelling stories with a global perspective. With her background as a startup consultant and deep understanding of European trends, she brings an international flair to our readership.

Join Us on Our Journey

StartUp National is more than a news outlet; it’s a platform for inspiration, creativity, and innovation. Our talented team of journalists and contributors are dedicated to bringing you the stories that matter, presented with integrity and passion.

If you’re looking for a source that goes beyond the headlines to provide deep insights and thoughtful analysis, you’ve come to the right place.

For inquiries, collaborations, or simply to say hello, feel free to contact us.