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Elizabeth Path is an esteemed journalist from Belgium, known for her insightful coverage of the startup scene. With over a decade's experience in the field, Elizabeth brings a European perspective to the fast-paced world of startups. Her work reflects her passion for innovation and her knack for identifying trends that shape the future of entrepreneurship. Elizabeth's credentials extend beyond journalism with an MBA. From her base in Brussels, Elizabeth keeps her finger on the pulse of startup activities both locally and globally.

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Business Ideas

Rolling Kitchens – A Guide to Starting Your Own Food Truck Business

So, you’ve got a passion for cooking, a sprinkle of entrepreneurial spirit, and a dash of adventure? Well, guess what? The food truck...

Digital MarketingMarketing

What’s Making the Marketing World Tick?

Ever wondered which marketing metrics have the global thumbs-up? Why some companies swear by ‘satisfaction scores,’ while others are all about ‘brand awareness’?...


The Art of Persuasion – Asking vs. Telling in Marketing

Ever stumbled upon an advertisement that made you stop and think? Or one that was so direct, it instantly grabbed your attention? If...

Getting StartedStartup Basics

The Best States for Small Businesses in 2022

Every year, different publications conduct studies to determine the best states for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) based on a variety of factors....

Business Ideas

Listen Up! Turn Your Ideas into Income by Producing Audiobooks

Are you someone who has a way with words and a knack for telling compelling stories or sharing valuable information? What if I...