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The Art of Persuasion – Asking vs. Telling in Marketing


Ever stumbled upon an advertisement that made you stop and think? Or one that was so direct, it instantly grabbed your attention? If you’re nodding, you’ve experienced the magic of marketing communication. But have you ever wondered about the science behind crafting these messages? Is posing a question more impactful than making a statement? Let’s embark on a fascinating journey to find out!

To Ask or Not to Ask – The Million Dollar Question

Remember the last time you watched a gripping movie trailer and it ended with a riveting question? Or that billboard you drove by that confidently declared something? Companies make deliberate choices when crafting these messages. But which is more effective: the humble question or the straightforward statement?

The Quest for Answers – Enter Dr. Henrik Hagtvedt

Dr. Hagtvedt, a marketing maestro from Boston College, was intrigued by this. He wondered: what’s the psychological underpinning of these choices? Are we swayed more by a query or a declaration? So, he did what any curious academic would do. He set out to investigate.

Diving Deep into Human Emotion

Now, let’s chat about something called arousal. No, not that kind of arousal! Think of it as our emotional state – are we feeling excited or relaxed? Dr. Hagtvedt believed that our reaction to marketing messages, whether posed as a question or statement, was heavily influenced by this emotional state.

With pens, music, photographs, and more, Dr. Hagtvedt embarked on a series of experiments involving over 400 participants. Picture this: a vibrant photograph paired with the phrase “The Pen For You?” versus a calming image with the statement “The Pen For You.”

The Findings – It’s All About the Mood!

Turns out, our emotional state does play a pivotal role! When we’re pumped up, say after watching an action-packed movie or during an intense sale, we prefer clear, no-nonsense statements. Our minds crave simplicity in these heightened states. So, “Buy One, Get One Free!” works wonders.

On the flip side, when we’re relaxed, maybe lounging on a Sunday afternoon, a question can pique our interest. In this state, “Looking for the perfect coffee blend?” might be more compelling.

Why, you ask? Because questions engage our minds more than direct statements. They coax us into thinking, pondering, and reaching our own conclusions.

So, What’s the Marketing Mantra?

Here’s the fun part for all you marketers out there. The trick is to gauge where and when your message will be viewed. If it’s a serene setting or medium, harness the power of the question. Make your audience think, wonder, and reflect. But if it’s a high-energy situation, get straight to the point. Serve them information on a silver platter, no frills attached.

The Bigger Picture

Beyond just sales and advertisements, this insight can be transformative. Think public policy or health campaigns. Imagine you’re crafting a message about a new health regimen. If it’s at a tranquil spa, “Ever thought about a detox?” might be apt. But in a bustling clinic with anxious patients, “Follow this detox for a healthier you!” is the way to go.

Knowing Your Audience is Key

At the heart of this lies a simple truth: understand your audience. Know their mindset, their emotional state, and tailor your message accordingly. It’s not merely about what you say, but how you say it. The power of a question mark or the authority of a period can make all the difference.

So, the next time you’re crafting that advertisement, blog post, or campaign, pause and reflect. To ask or to tell? That’s your million-dollar question. And now, armed with this knowledge, you’re all set to make informed, impactful decisions.

Written by
Elizabeth Path

Elizabeth Path is an esteemed journalist from Belgium, known for her insightful coverage of the startup scene. With over a decade's experience in the field, Elizabeth brings a European perspective to the fast-paced world of startups. Her work reflects her passion for innovation and her knack for identifying trends that shape the future of entrepreneurship. Elizabeth's credentials extend beyond journalism with an MBA. From her base in Brussels, Elizabeth keeps her finger on the pulse of startup activities both locally and globally.

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