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Understanding How Envy Shapes Consumer Decisions


You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you pause at a post of someone showing off their brand-new, top-of-the-line smartphone. It looks sleek, shiny, and just… perfect. Instantly, a familiar feeling bubbles up – envy. You think, “I want that.” And guess what? Marketers are counting on that exact reaction. But, there’s a twist in the tale. That little nudge of envy can sometimes lead you away from a brand, not towards it.

You might be scratching your head, thinking, “But isn’t envy a powerful motivator? Doesn’t it make us want things even more?” Well, yes and no. Let’s delve into this a bit further.

Think about your neighbors for a moment. Picture them pulling into their driveway in a shiny new car. Suddenly, your reliable sedan seems… well, a tad old-fashioned. This phenomenon, my friend, is what marketers call the “envy effect.” It’s a nifty little tactic where they subtly say, “If they have it, surely you’d want it too?” And while envy can inspire some of us to strive harder and want more, it can also backfire spectacularly.

Let’s talk about a fascinating study from the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business. The researchers there were on a mission. They wanted to understand the dynamics between envy, self-worth, and our purchasing decisions. And boy, did they stumble upon some intriguing insights!

Imagine two folks – let’s call them Alex and Taylor. Alex walks around with their head held high, radiating confidence. They know their worth and aren’t afraid to show it. Taylor, however, often battles feelings of inadequacy and sometimes wonders if they measure up. Now, introduce a desirable brand into the mix. When both see someone proudly showing off this brand, their reactions are miles apart. For Alex, it’s a challenge, a thought of “I deserve that too!” For Taylor, it’s a gut-punch, a stark reminder of their perceived shortcomings.

So, where does that leave brands that employ envy in their marketing arsenal? Well, it’s a tightrope walk. For audiences like Alex, sprinkling a dash of envy can be golden. It pushes them, motivates them, and drives them towards the brand. But for the Taylors out there, it’s a different story. Making them feel they don’t quite measure up can push them away from the brand, sometimes for good.

But wait, there’s a silver lining! The same study found that when individuals like Taylor were given a confidence boost before being introduced to a brand, their perceptions shifted dramatically. Suddenly, the once intimidating brand felt within reach. So, while envy can be a double-edged sword, brands have a way out. By fostering and nurturing positive self-worth in their consumers, they can make envy work for them.

And you, dear reader, what’s your takeaway from all this? Be aware. Recognize when brands are trying to stir that pot of envy. Understand your emotions and how they’re being played with. Whether you’re feeling on top of the world or a little low, always remember your choices should resonate with who you truly are, not what someone else possesses.

In the intricate dance of marketing, brands and consumers are continuously evolving, adapting, and learning. As these brands strategize their next big move, remember, you’re not just a passive observer. You have the ultimate power, the final say. Choose wisely, and embrace your worth. After all, in the vast marketplace of life, you’re invaluable.

Written by
Philip Andrade

Philip Andrade is a respected journalist specializing in the dynamic world of startups and technology. With an impressive track record spanning over fifteen years, Philip has covered groundbreaking stories that shape the startup landscape. His work is distinguished by his analytical approach and his ability to translate complex technological trends into comprehensible insights. Philip holds a Master's Degree in Communication and Media Studies. Currently based in San Francisco, Philip continues to stay at the forefront of tech innovation.

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